Miss Meow and Bandit Bear share one thing in common…and that’s adventure! 

 Our latest range is full of light-hearted fun! This season we bring you - Miss Meow and Bandit Bear, friends of Frankie & Frenchie.  They will take your little one on an adventure full of mischief and excitement.  From bike rides to camping through the woods or prancing around town, they will be sure to learn and explore a world with no limits, seizing every moment of the day. 

Our mischievous Miss Meow and our buoyant Bandit Bear will add a sense of playfulness and fun to your little ones room. Miss Meow is outgoing, fearless and ready to prowl the night, while Bandit Bear, with his buoyant and happy-go-lucky self, is ready to take on the world. They are the perfect companion for your little ones to explore new things.

Snuggle in our latest range that will inspire your little one to set off on all sorts of exciting adventures, that’s full of sneaky fun, you might just decide to join in on their new escapades!