About Us

Story of Frankie & Frenchie
Frankie is studious, smart and to the point. He is a walking encyclopedia and can recite the alphabet backwards without batting an eyelid. This kid is a real charmer with a heart of gold. A lover of nature and the great outdoors (and will rescue injured animals great and small). However he is extremely clumsy and trips over his own feet, so don’t expect to see him win the 100m dash!

Frenchie is sweet, cheeky and cute. She loves to dance to the beat of her own drum and twirls around wearing pretty polka dot stockings. Don’t be fooled by her aloof offbeat style, she can sit down and win a chess match in 8 minutes flat. She will challenge you to a witty debate seeing that she is always right (well she thinks so anyway)!

Frankie and Frenchie live next door to each other. They coincidentally decided to open up a lemonade stand outside their lawn one summer. Frankie’s stand was made from a cardboard box. He calculated how many cups of lemonade he needed to sell for him to buy a pair of Doc Martins. While Frenchie didn't care too much about the nitty gritty, as long as her stand looked pretty and all the kids bought lemonade from her. Rather than competing against each other, they decided to push their lemonade stands together and ended up selling out everything they made…that was the start of a beautiful friendship ♥.

Behind the Brand
Minnie and Dee are the girls behind Frankie & Frenchie. The brand was born out of a desire to create fun and quirky kids bedding for design conscious kid (OK…it’s really for the parents!).

With backgrounds in interior design, fashion and marketing - together they bring creativity, personality and fun into the limited kids bedding market in Australia. Their simple but inspiring duvet sets are hand screen printed on 100% GOTS organic fabric and manufactured in Australia.

They believe that inspiration begins with a space that is filled with the things they love. With that, their first range reflects the love for their children and their playful personalities. When they’re not dreaming up new creations, they are chasing around their spirited little boys…it’s a mad house at the Frankie & Frenchie studio!

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After all, there is a bit of Frankie & Frenchie in all of us!